Infobase Learning Cloud

Infobase Learning Cloud (Formerly Hoonuit / Atomic Learning) is an on-line training library with a wide variety of topics such as technology, study skills, and professional development.  The courses are comprised of a series of short on-demand videos that give you the ability to view just what you need, when you need it.  Infobase Learning Cloud is available free to all Central Lakes College students, faculty, and staff.

Online and on-demand, Infobase Learning Cloud creates flexible training opportunities — making it easy for learners of all ages to build their skills in technology and a variety of other topics.  With instant access and answers to common “how to” questions, and step-by-step training workshops and projects, Infobase Learning Cloud can help you succeed at CLC.

Log into Infobase Learning Cloud with your StarID username and password.

Here are some of the courses available to CLC through Infobase Learning Cloud

  • Microsoft Office Training
  • Microsoft Windows Training
  • Training on Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat, Indesign and much more
  • Training on Mac Software
  • Study skills, Professional development, Health and Wellness
  • More being added all the time

Log in to Infobase Learning Cloud at https://secure2.learningcloud.infobase.com/sso/shibboleth/clcmn with your StarID Username and Password


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