Office 365 Migration – Timeline To A Successful E-Mail Migration

Time Frame


5/12/2014 – 5/16/2014

Faculty and Staff should un-archive items in their GroupWise Archive that they want migrated to Office 365

5/19/2014 – 5/23/2014

Tech Services will perform a first pass migration on all user accounts and migrate e-mail items dated prior to 7/1/2013

Please do not modify your mailbox folder structure during this time frame

5/23/2014 4:30pm

Internet e-mail routing changed.  E-Mail addressed to @clcmn.edu domain sent to Office 365 instead of GroupWise.

5/23/2014 6:00pm

User access to GroupWise e-mail shut down in order to prepare for final migration pass.

Users can begin using their Office 365 e-mail accounts

5/23/2014 6:00pm

Second pass migration started to migrate all items dated 7/1/2013 to present

5/27/2014 8:00am

Migration estimated to be complete.

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