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Men’s basketball team forfeits six wins

The Central Lakes College men’s basketball team has forfeited six wins after the NJCAA ruled the Raiders played their first seven games with an ineligible player.

The player in question was found by the NJCAA to be ineligible after allegedly playing in a semi-professional game in February of 2020, and according to the ruling is permanently prohibited from playing collegiate sports. The Raiders are also prohibited from playing in post-season competition this season.When signing the player, the Raider coaches had no knowledge that he participated in a game that could be considered professional. The player did not earn money or receive any compensation for the game, and he didn’t consider it to be any more than a scrimmage “pickup” game.

After recently learning that a player on the team may be determined to be ineligible, the college immediately self-reported the finding to the NJCAA to clarify the rules on eligibility and compliance. Central Lakes College felt strongly that the ruling by the NJCAA was based on incomplete information and appealed the decision. However, the NJCAA appeals committee upheld the initial ruling.

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