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CLC Farm Business Management Program set to expand

Central Lakes College’s Farm Business Management (FBM) Program is expected to expand following a verbal agreement to acquire part of Ridgewater College’s FBM Program. The shift is expected to be in place as of July 1, 2021.

“It is our primary goal in this move to provide uninterrupted education programs to the farmers affected,” said Keith Olander, Executive Director of AgCentric and Agricultural Partnerships. “As agriculture navigates its own uncertainties, we want to be a consistent support for these farmers.”

Dr. Hara Charlier, President of Central Lakes College, added, “Agriculture has always been an essential part of our focus at Central Lakes College. We are pleased to be able to partner with Ridgewater College in this transition to best serve our region’s farmers.”

The plan involves Ridgewater College transferring its FBM Program to both Central Lakes College and Minnesota West Community and Technical College. This collaboration would result in the two Ridgewater College faculty who serve the Belgrade and Melrose regions moving to Central Lakes College and the six Ridgewater College faculty who serve the Olivia, Barrett, Hutchinson, Willmar, Hutchison/Litchfield and LacQuiParle regions moving to Minnesota West Community and Technical College.

This proposed change would result in a more universal FBM education delivery model, streamlined education process, reduction in redundancies at Individual colleges and projected long-term improved fiscal outcomes for the Minnesota State College and University system.

“CLC is excited to be considered as a part of this proposal and will help ensure a smooth transition of faculty to enable the continuation of programs to farmers,” said Cory Detloff, Director of Ag & Energy and FBM at CLC. “It is our goal to continue to provide high quality programs and service to those affected and welcome the new faculty members as a part of our team.”



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