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CLC welcomes new agriculture director

Central Lakes College is pleased to welcome Cory Detloff as its new Director of the Ag & Energy Center and Farm Business Management.

Detloff replaces Keith Olander, who has served in the roles since 2014. Olander will remain in his current physical location and work with Detloff through the transition. Olander’s new role as Executive Director of AgCentric and Agricultural Partnerships will require him to work more on a statewide scale to serve agriculture education for Minnesota State and State Farm Business Management.

“I am very excited to have received the opportunity to work with Central Lakes College and the Ag & Energy Center, as well as the Farm Business Management program,” Detloff said. “I hope that my previous agronomic and natural resources experience can be of benefit going forward. I hope to continue the work of those before me and increase education and outreach so the public can understand the link between our natural resources and agriculture. Innovation in agriculture is the way to farming sustainably and profitably.”

Olander added, “I am excited to welcome Cory to the team here at Ag & Energy! Cory brings a wealth of experience in agriculture, especially in crop production. I expect Cory will lead Ag & Energy to a new level of leadership for our region and state in the areas of crop research and agriculture literacy. Cory is a team player with a lot of energy. Our 50-plus year history is safe with Cory as he leads Ag & Energy forward to find a balance between farm economic viability and environmental sustainability.”

Additionally, Detloff will be overseeing CLC Farm Business Management. This is a pool of seven faculty who work with over 250 farmers in the region, which extends into the arrowhead.

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