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CLC instructor named award winner for Excellence in Teaching

Central Lakes College American Sign Language instructor Tanya Hoting Mrazek was awarded the 2019 Board of Trustees Award for Excellence in Teaching on Wednesday.

Hoting Mrazek was one of only six educators this year throughout the Minnesota State system to receive the high honor, which is awarded by the system’s Board of Trustees.

These awards are bestowed upon faculty to acknowledge and reward exceptional professional accomplishment, and to encourage ongoing excellence in teaching. The award proclaims, on behalf of the entire Minnesota State system, the Board of Trustees’ pride in the dedication and accomplishment of its faculty who provide instruction that prepares Minnesota college and university students for their professional, scholarly, and civic lives.

“I am so honored to be chosen for this prestigious award and am grateful to represent Central Lakes College,” Hoting Mrazek said. “I love teaching my students American Sign Language and promoting equity, but also helping them to become allies for the deaf community. I am so grateful to have the best job in the world!”

Hara Charlier, president of CLC, added, “While subject-matter expertise is a clear expectation of all faculty, Tanya’s includes both the fields of ASL and deaf culture. Her experiences as a voice interpreter, a performance interpreter, and extensive connections have earned her the respect of the deaf community. This work has transformed our region, making Brainerd a place known as a community that engages and values people who are deaf. This work has also transformed Central Lakes College. CLC’s Brainerd campus is now a place where seeing people sign in the hallways is common, and every commencement ceremony is interpreted to ensure accessibility by the deaf community. I feel very fortunate to work with Tanya. Her level of commitment to her college and her students inspires all of us to reach higher, do more, and change more lives.”

Other past winners from CLC include instructors Kari Frisch, Adam Marcotte, Darci Goeden and Betsy Picciano.

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