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Faculty, staff awarded grants that focus on CLC’s strategic pillars

The CLC Foundation recently awarded five grants, totaling $4,630, to faculty and staff on projects that address one of CLC’s strategic pillars: Inspire learning, advance innovation and transform lives.

The funds came from the CLC Foundation through a fundraiser at The Night Out when participants donated over $6,000 in under five minutes. Those funds were matched with $5,000 from the Initiative Foundation. Additional grants will be made available for fall semester.

“Our staff and faculty members have so many outstanding ideas for enhanced opportunities for our students,” said Jana Shogren, Director of Resource Development & the CLC Foundation. “Our Foundation is proud to play a small part by connecting the generosity of our donors with these great ideas to bring these projects to life. Ultimately our students benefit the most and that is what it’s all about.”

Check out the cool projects:

See Your State – Anne Nelson Fisher & Erich Heppner

Two faculty/staff leaders will travel on day trips with a small group (up to 25 participants) of students to five historic or environmentally significant sites around the state of Minnesota.

Picture Yourself Here on Graduation Day – Julie Jo Larson
Picture Yourself Here on Graduation Day is an intentional way to encourage students to continue their degrees to completion. If the students see themselves in the full college graduation regalia, it is easier for them to picture themselves at graduation day, and make that commitment. As a licensed social worker and TRIO SSS assistant director, literature supports this statement.
Catching the Released (Students)– Nick Heisserer
For fall semester 2018, 915 students who had applied to CLC for an Academic Program of Study never enrolled for Fall Semester 2018. Heisserer would like to look at this  population of students, and pursue some targeted interventions to try to learn more about why they did not enroll, and ultimately, try to re-engage them in the enrollment process.
CLC Audio Club Student Compilation Album– Mark Lindquist
This club’s main goal is to write, record, sequence, design cover art for, promote, and release a professional sounding compilation album of CLC student and faculty original music over the course of one academic year.
Beyond Grit – Jane Peterson
The volleyball team will read and study together the book Beyond Grit by Dr. Cindra Kamphoff. They will also work through the companion workbook. The study is powerful, practical advice on how to perform at your highest level. It is a study in mindset and performance strategies for success in life and athletics.

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