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CLC helps 50 students with emergency funding through grant

Central Lakes College helped more than 50 students this year with emergency funding through the Great Lakes Higher Education Emergency Assistance Grant.

The grant allowed the college to assist students with emergency funding for non-academic expenses – like rent and utility bills – to help them stay at CLC, and therefore increase the retention rate.

“Often times the reason students cannot complete their degree at CLC is not because the courses are too difficult, it is because emergency circumstances require them to leave college to attend to these troubles,” said Nick Heisserer, Director of Enrollment Services. “Our Emergency Grant provided up to $500 to more than 50 students to help them take care of these emergencies so they could be successful. In fact, our retention rate of these students increased to 88% compared to 74% or non-grant participants demonstrates the impact this program is making in the lives of our students.”

This is the second year CLC has helped students with this grant. The total funds awarded this year have been $21,000, with $13,000 from Great Lakes, and an $8,000 match from the CLC Foundation. Next year, another $21,000 will be available to assist students.


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