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Osirus Washington: Thoughts on Thurman Knight

CLC hosted a memorial for the late Thurman Knight, a communications instructor, in the Chalberg Theatre on Tuesday afternoon. Thurman passed away on Oct. 6, but is still being remembered by all who knew him a month later. I think he will be remembered for a very long time. You just got a good vibe from being there. People from the community, students and faculty attended the memorial.

The memorial was opened up by CLC President Hara Charlier. She talked about her encounters with Thurman in the short period of time that she knew him.

“People will always be remembered not for what they did, not for what they had, but for how they made people feel,” said Charlier when reflecting on Knight. “Thurman made people feel like it was alright to be themselves.”

This is President Charlier’s first year at CLC so she hasn’t known Thurman for much time, but she still felt like she’s known him for years. He was a genuinely good man who brought a lot of positive energy, she said.

Student Senate President Kristen Haugen said she knew Knight for the two years she’s been attending CLC.

“He lived for sharing his knowledge in life and his love in his country,” she said. “Laugh when you hear one of his old jokes. He would want us to be proud of who we are and let it show. Even though he looked like a biker dude you don’t want to see in a dark alley, he would give you the biggest hug in that alley and tell you everything would be alright.”    

Composition teacher Lori-Beth Larsen has known Thurman for a long time. She had an emotional speech that showed how much Knight really touched people.

“He was always willing to help and he gave everyone big hugs,” she said.

Thurman’s biker appearance didn’t match his intellect and genuine spirit. He was a living example of the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover.” There were a lot of tears at the memorial, but many more smiles and laughter as we reflected on his life and how he made us feel.

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