Raider Connect Services

Raider Connect Services

The mission of the Raider Connect Services is to assist students in staying engaged and connected with their educational growth and career development through active participation in a one-one coaching relationship with their assigned Raider Connect Coach (RCC).

A Raider Connect Coach (RCC), “checks” on student progress by monitoring academic success, and “connects” with students through personalized, early intervention that fosters problem solving, skill-building, and access to resources.

The Check & Connect model originated from a partnership of researchers, practitioners, parents, and students led by the Institute on Community Integration, University of Minnesota.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Raider Connect Coach
The RCC role is to be a proactive mentor/coach that can advocate for the student’s personal, educational, and career goals.

  • Provides one-one educational coaching.
  • Supports students in developing career goals.
  • Monitor student progress, attendance, and academic outcomes.
  • Provides early intervention practices to ensure student success.
  • Provides follow-up as needed.
  • Connects students to outreach services, study groups, tutoring services, and community resources as needed.
  • Provides developmental coaching versus simply academic advising/course scheduling.

Roles and Responsibilities of Student
The participation of the student in the coaching process is key to the success of the programming.  Students are responsible for their personal and career choices, therefore as part of the RCC programming students are expected to:

  • Provide clear information on personal interests, values, abilities, and goals for personal, educational, and future career.
  • Maintain communication with your Raider Connect Coach by keeping appointments and following-up as needed.
  • Come prepared for coaching appointments with needed documentation.
  • Take responsibility for updating the college system and institution of any changes in academic planning to meet graduation requirements.

Raider Connect Coaches are available to serve all CLC students.  Please apply today!

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