Waste Reduction / Recycling

Waste reduction and recycling

  • A strong, ongoing recycling campaign on paper, bottles and cans that has reduced amounts of waste beyond projected numbers.
  • There is an ongoing effort to reduce paper usageSustainability4_Recycle
  • Recycled paper is used for copiers
  • Free printing is limited for students in all computer labs and libraries
  • The dining room uses non-disposable dishes
  • The kitchen uses frying oils that do not include trans fats and seeks to avoid food that includes trans fats in the dining operations.
  • Member of Minnesota Waste Wise – ahead of schedule for pay back
  • Adoption of The Energy Savings Project and Energy Star improvements
  • CLC has an e-waste recycling and/or reuse program and insures that e-waste is being properly disposed
  • CLC seeks to minimize and safely dispose of all hazardous, universal, and non-regulated chemical waste
  • A surplus department supplies facilitates reuse of office supplies and materials.
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