Student Led Activities

Central Lakes College is proud of the involvement of our students in sustainability efforts.

The Green Club
The Green Club is comprised of dedicated, excited students who advocate for environmentally friendly practices on campus and beyond. They believe in global connections and local action. The Green Club was honored by being selected as the CLC Brainerd Campus Club of the Year for 2009-10.Sustainability2_Gardening

The Green club has:

  • Hosted Earth Day activities,
  • Hosted Green Week events.
  • Organized Christmas tree light recycling
  • Hosted clothing and re-gifting exchanges
  • Hosted mug/water bottle and canvas/shopping bag exchanges
  • Distributed lists of environmentally conscious gift giving ideas.

Sandra Kaplan (Advisor)

Students have also:

  • Participated in ride sharing opportunities
  • Had recycling competitions
  • Focused on reduction of paper usage through printing limits
  • Assisted with collection of t-shirts to reuse for diapers
  • Provided feedback for campus food service on comparison of disposable vs reusable flatware and plateware
  • Participated in recycling of toner cartridges and cell phones
  • Participated in collection of out-of-date textbooks donated to third world countries
  • Students in our Occupational Skills Program collect recycling at the Brainerd Campus on an ongoing basis, and our Communication Art & Design and Marketing/Management students have been involved in logo development, recycling signs and the naming process for our environmental committees on campus.
  • Student in our Natural Resource and Horticulture Club also participate in numerous club activities such as building purple martin bird houses, birding demonstrations and numerous service learning/civic engagement projects throughout our communities.
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