CLC Students are….

They know quality when they see it and they know CLC is the smart choice.

They could spend more money on tuition at other colleges and universities, but why? CLC will get them where they need to go at a fraction of the cost.

They are confident about their choices. They know that going to college far from home doesn’t guarantee success. They are confident that CLC will help them reach their goals and dreams.

They earn associate’s degrees and go on to complete bachelor’s and advanced degrees at universities of their choice. Career program students graduate in one to two years and start great new careers in the area and around the globe.


Affordable Education

CLC is much more affordable than other education alternatives

MN State Universities
CLC 25% Less
University of Minnesota
CLC 50% Less
Private Trade Schools
CLC 70% Less
Private Colleges and Universities
CLC 80% Less
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