Social Media Producer Diploma

Social Media Producer Diploma

Career Description

Video production and business marketing are now one field. The ability for organizations to connect with customers has shifted significantly towards online interaction. Traditional advertising – print, radio and television ads – has become obsolete. Nationally, the social media industry is experiencing explosive growth. Organizations are increasingly turning to web-based video conferencing for corporate communications. Video content has become the de facto form of communication in business. According to Minnesota State CAREERwise, the outlook for editors, producers, directors, graphic designers and social media directors is for high growth between now and 2026. Our focused approach to hands-on learning at Central Lakes College ensures graduates are positioned for successful entry into the industry.

Program Information

Producing visual marketing for an online audience is our focus, as that is where the jobs are. The Social Media Producer diploma is designed to prepare students with entry-level skills creating and managing visual content for online marketing. The curriculum emphasizes lab-based learning with short lectures accentuated by hands-on, practical assignments. Interdisciplinary courses include video and audio production, still photography, graphic design, and a thorough mix of business marketing, all with a focus towards social media distribution. Students will learn to create actual content and manage that content to maximize impressions with clients. They will gain the necessary proficiency to employ social media for strategic purposes.

Program Outcomes

Graduates will be able to:

  • Combine the skills of a marketing specialist with that of a videographer to produce visual content for social media marketing and communications;
  • Apply industry-standard skills in camera operation, sound recording, editing, and design for video applications;
  • Recognize basic business and marketing concepts;
  • Create corporate messaging to increase clarity;
  • Identify what constitues ‘content’ for social media;
  • Design social media campaigns;
  • Produce timely, relevant and eye-catching visual and audial content for online communications;
  • Create motion graphic designed to enhance visual communication on all platforms;
  • Apply professional lighting techniques for motion pictures;
  • Apply professional audio recording techniques for motion pictures;
  • Encode video files for distribution to social media and digital recording platforms, and
  • Apply safety protocols in video production working environments.

Special Program Requirements

In addition to the program requirements, students must meet the following conditions in order to graduate:

  1. College Cumulative GPA Requirement: cumulative grade point average (GPA) of credits attempted and completed at CLC must be at least 2.0;
  2. College Technical Core GPA Requirement: cumulative GPA of credits attempted and completed towards the technical core of the diploma or degree must be at least 2.0;
  3. Residency Requirement: students must complete 25% of their credits at Central Lakes College.

Advisory Board

Jeremy Doyle – Producer/Sourcewell Chad Koel – Owner, Koel Communications John Murray – National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Nick Weeks – Videographer/photographer, Just For Kix Studios Dan Hegstad – Station Manager, Lakeland Public TV – Brainerd Erik Ravnholdt – Lakeshore Learning Media Director Jane Helmke – Former News Director, KARE 11 TV Rick Jensen – Graphic Design Instructor & teacher at BHS Mitch McAllson – Media specialist, Sourcewell Jeff Kraker – News Editor/journalist at KARE TV Melissa Young – Owner – Hey Man Productions Mitch Anderson – Media specialist, Wired to Fish Ryan Dechaine – Media Director, Wired to Fish Abbi Hehner – Media specialist at Outdoor News Brandon Brown – Editor at Lindner Media Productions Sarah Nelson – Freelance videographer/editor Dan Lindner – Lindner Media Productions Bryan Hammitt – HS Videography teacher @ Bemidji HS Joseph Schulte – HS Videography teacher @ Sartell HS Mark Weimer – HS Videography teacher @ St. Cloud Apollo

Employment Statistics

For more information regarding employment statistics, career salary information and estimated job growth, follow the resource links below:

Program Course Requirements

First Semester (15 credits)
BUSN 1166  Business Communications, 3 cr
GDES 1146  Video Graphics, 3 cr
MUSC 2414  Advanced Audio Productions, 3 cr
VPRO 1110  Video Editing Workflow, 3 cr
VPRO 1114  Camera Operations, 3 cr

Second Semester (16 credits)

BUSN 2116 Social Media Marketing, 3 cr
GDES 2128 After Effects, 3 cr
VPRO 2106 Social Media Productions, 4 cr
VPRO 2114 Online Content, 3 cr
VPRO 2116 Advanced Field Methods, 3 cr


Program Instructors

Photo First Name Last Name Position Department Phone Email Alt. Phone: URL wdt_ID
Aubrey Beadell Advisor TRIOStudentSupportServices 218-855-8014 1
Nick O'Reilly Occupational Skills Program College Lab Assistant OccupationalSkills 218-855-8077 2
Kevin Lomax College Lab Assistant Automotive Faculty 218-855-8000 3
Jody Flynn Accessibility Services Assistant Accessibility 218-855-8056 5
Missy Tureson Box Office Assistant Theatre 218-855-8199 6
Deana Bobzien Instructor CollegeCareerStudies - Mathematics - Supportive Services 218-855-8339 7
Brianna Rajkowski Advisor TRIOStudentSupportServices 218-855-8228 8
Cynthia Dionysius AD Nursing Faculty NursingASDegree 218-855-8133 9
Tajia Anderson PSEO Specialist Admissions - CollegeCreditInHighSchool- PSEO 218-855-8079 10
Tracy Tschida Instructor Psychology - CollegeCareerStudies 2188-855-8328 11
Mike Fitcher Adjunct Instructor MachineTool 218-855-8000 12
Brent Balmer Videography CLA Videography 218-855-8727 13
David Gray Instructor History 218-855-8276 14
Jim Nagy Adjunct Instructor GraphicDesign 218-855-8157 15
Brandon Schneider Instructor HeavyEquipment 218-894-5179 16
Natalia DePauw Director of Dual Enrollment Advising - PSEO - CollegeCreditInHighSchool 218-855-8263 18
Amy Disterhaupt Admissions Specialist Admissions 218-855-8250 20
Nick Heisserer Instructor BusinessFaculty - StudentLearningAssessment 218-855-8089 21
Matthew Krueger Environmental Health and Safety Officer Maintenance 218-855-8115 22
Mark Lindquist Instructor Music 218-855-8236 23
Joy Larson Emergency Management and Security Coordinator Security 218-855-8143 24
Jeremy Goddard Bookstore/Print Shop Bookstore Supportive Services 218-855-8146 25
Sarah Jennissen Instsructor NursingAssistant - PracticalNursing - TrainedMedicationAid 218-894-5308 26
Kevin Lattu Upward Bound Advisor TRIOUpwardBound 218-855-8117 27
Cash Robinson Upward Bound Advisor TRIOUpwardBound 218-855-8076 28
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