Small Outboard Motor Technician Diploma

Why Choose Small Outboard Motor Technician Diploma at CLC?

• Our instructors have a wealth of experience and contacts in all areas of the marine and powersports industry.

Our instructors have earned multiple certifications in all aspects of the industry.

• CLC faculty have strong industry partnerships.

• Students can earn multiple industry certifications as part of the program.

• Very strong career placement.

About the Program

After completing this program, students will be prepared to be a small outboard motor technician or a lawn and garden service technician. Graduates typically become employed as service technicians at dealerships, hardware stores, resorts, golf courses, or marinas.

Program Information

Program Course Requirements

First Year – Fall Semester
MAPS 1101  Basic Engines I (3 cr)
MAPS 1103  Basic Engines I Lab (4 cr)
MAPS 1106 Introduction to Electronics (2 cr)
MAPS 1120  Lawn and Garden (2 cr)
MAPS 1136 Industry Certifications I (2 cr)
MATH 1500  Applied Mathematics (3 cr)
Total 16 Credits

First Year – Spring Semester
MAPS 1130  Marine Outboard I (4 cr)
MAPS 1132*  Marine Outboard II (4 cr)
MAPS 1134  Marine Lower Unit (4 cr)
MAPS 1140 Snowmobile Systems and Lab (4 cr)
Total 16 Credits

*Denotes Prerequisites

Program Outcomes:
Graduates will be able to:

  • Apply safe work practices in a manner compatible with OSHA requirements and industry expectations;
  • Demonstrate industry standard applications of selected tools and equipment for small outboard motors and lawn and garden engine maintenance, diagnostic and repair tools;
  • Apply basic diagnostic and repair concepts to small outboard motors and lawn and garden equipment;
  • Apply preventative maintenance concepts to small outboard motors and lawn & garden equipment care and storage;
  • Identify the functional relationships among small engine components and systems; and
  • Use a variety of computer, web and technical resources to find information, troubleshoot problems and prepare estimates.



David Groshong

Marine & Powersports Instructor
Phone: 218-855-8235
Brainerd W165
Paul Hofmann

Paul Hofmann

Marine & Powersports Instructor
Phone: 218-855-8084
Brainerd W277

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