Forms & Publications

Forms & Publications

We believe we have some excellent resources and services to offer that will be just right for your needs.Please complete these forms to the best of your ability.  This information must be collected in order for the financial consultant to “prove your project” on paper by creating a cashflow, doing projections, determining your breakeven point and the amount of debt you are able to support.  The cashflow will also determine the amount of equity you will need to bring to the project.

When you have gathered all of the data needed, please call and make an appointment to meet with one of our financial consultants who will begin reviewing your project with you one-on-one.  The various financing options can be discussed at that time and all of your consultations with the financial consultant are free of charge.

Ready for an appointment? Call 1.800.933.0346, ext. 8140 or 218.855.8140

Client Checklist Package (pdf)

The client checklist will take you through;
Business plan outline (pdf)
Financial data needed (pdf)
Schedule of business debt (pdf)
Personal Financial Statement (pdf)
Resume worksheet (pdf)
Request for Services (pdf)

Links to other business forms
Application for Minnesota Business Registration (pdf)
Application for Minnesota Business Registration Instructions (pdf)
Articles of Incorporation
Certificate of Assumed Name
Federal Tax Identification Number – SS4 (pdf)
Federal Tax Identification Number Instructions (pdf)
Minnesota LLC Articles or Organization

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