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Department Description
Students may take basic musicianship classes in voice, piano, brass, woodwinds and guitar as well as basic music theory, appreciation, jazz and pop music history and world music. Vocal and instrumental performing groups such as Concert Choir, Chamber Singers, Jazz Band, Concert Band and Brass Ensemble afford students the opportunity to maintain and develop musical skills. The instrumental groups are also open to public participation offering musicians of all ages a chance to keep up the skills.

Department Learning Outcomes
Students will be able to:
*Demonstrate knowledge of specific areas of music.
*Demonstrate proficiency in preparing and performing musical works (performing groups).
*Demonstrate proficiencies in applied music (instrumental, vocal, guitar, piano, audio recording).

Special Department Information
Performing groups require a basic level of musical knowledge and a desire to raise that level.

Transfer Opportunities 
Applied music classes in voice, piano, brass, woodwinds, and the performing group credits transfer as music classes and will apply toward the requirements of a music majors at most 4-year institutions.

Employment Opportunities
The offerings of the CLC Music Department serve to enrich the lives of the students at CLC through the performing groups, applied music lessons, and appreciation classes. They also afford the student who has not made up his or her mind about a music major the opportunity to see if a degree in music is what one wishes to purse. The Music Industry class gives the students a taste of several possible careers in music including radio broadcasting, performing, recording, retail management and education. The Audio Recording class trains students on digital software which is the standard platform for the recording industry. Several of our students have gone on to find employment in these fields through contacts made during their time at CLC.

Career Titles
*Music Teacher
*Church Choir Director
*Church Organist
*Performing Musician
*Recording Engineer
*Radio Broadcaster
*Music Retail Worker
*Worship Band Leader/Musician


Department Course Offerings
MUSC 1403  American Popular Music (3cr)
MUSC 1405, 1406  Jazz Band I, II (1cr)
MUSC 1408, 1409  Community Band I, II (1cr)
MUSC 1415, 1416  Brass Ensemble I, II (1cr)
MUSC 1421, 1422  Cantare’ Concert Choral I. II (1cr)
MUSC 1431, 1432  Chamber Singers I, II (1cr)
MUSC 1441, 1442  Applied Music - Guitar I, II (1cr)
MUSC 1450  Music in World Cultures (3cr)
MUSC 1452  Intro to Music Industry  (3cr)
MUSC 1453  Audio Recording I  (3cr)
MUSC 1455  Voice Training (2cr)
MUSC 1457  Music Appreciation (3cr)
MUSC 1459  Fundamentals of Music (3cr)
MUSC 1464, 1465  Applied Music - Brass I, II (1cr)
MUSC 1475, 1475  Applied Music - Woodwind I, II (1cr)
MUSC 1481, 1482  Applied Music - Piano I, II (1cr)
MUSC 1485, 1486  Applied Music - Instrumental I, II (1cr)
MUSC 1491, 1492  Applied Music - Voice I, II (1cr)
MUSC 2401  Evolution of Jazz (3cr)
MUSC 2405, 2406  Jazz Band III, IV (1cr)
MUSC 2408, 2409  Community Band III, IV (1cr)
MUSC 2415, 2416  Brass Ensemble III, IV (1cr)
MUSC 2421. 2422  Cantare’ Concert Chorale III, IV (1cr)
MUSC 2423, 2424  Cantare' Concert Chorale V, VI (1cr)
MUSC 2431, 2432  Chamber Singers III, IV (1cr)
MUSC 2441, 2442  Applied Music - Guitar III, IV (1cr)
MUSC 2464, 2465  Applied Music - Brass III, IV (1cr)
MUSC 2475, 2476  Applied Music - Woodwind III, IV (1cr)
MUSC 2481, 2482  Applied Music - Piano III, IV (1cr)
MUSC 2485, 2486  Applied Music - Instrumental III, IV (1cr)
MUSC 2491, 2492  Applied Music - Voice III, IV (1cr)


Last Updated: 8/22/12