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Computer Information Technology A.A.S

Career Description
Information technology (IT) specialists work together to improve existing computer systems and support end user technologies in an organizational setting. They help plan and develop new systems, install hardware, install software, support end user training and troubleshoot systems. Computers are not “one size fits all,” especially when it comes to business. Different companies have different needs. An IT specialist uses skills from multiple areas to plan, configure, repair or troubleshoot end user systems and even server-based systems. IT specialists work closely with network administrators and engineers in larger organizations and carry out the day to day troubleshooting, upgrading and repair of client systems. In smaller organizations, IT specialists will likely be responsible for all of these functions.

Program Information  
IT specialists are in high demand. The Information Technology Specialist Program will help prepare graduates by introducing them to a wide variety of subjects in information and emerging technologies that they will encounter in the field. Subjects covered include computer troubleshooting and repair, basic networking, operating systems, supporting common end user applications, as well as soft skills like oral and written communication and customer service. The curriculum is delivered using currently released industry software including OS, NOS and applications. This program teaches skills needed to work for companies with small to mid-size help desks or large corporate user support centers. Instructors are industry certified professionals with years of experience in the classroom and industry.  There is 100% placement of our graduates within the IT field.

Program Learning Outcomes 
Graduates will be able to:
1. Perform computer information technology practices and procedures required for entry to mid-level employment
2. Perform computer information technology entry to mid-level skill sets and apply theoretical principles
3. Install, manage, configure and use functions and features of current releases of operating systems, network operating systems and applications
4. Install , troubleshoot and repair computer equipment and peripherals
5. Test successfully on competencies required to pass industry certification exams
6. Locate, evaluate and properly utilize the tools and resources appropriate to a computer technology professional
7. Evaluate, identify and apply appropriate security standards
8. Communicate effectively with technical and non-technical audiences

This program will help students prepare for the following certifications: Microsoft MCP and MCDST; Comp TIA A+, Network+, Server+, Security+, Help Desk 2000 CHDP, Help Desk Institute CSS and HDA, and others. Central Lakes College is a VUE Authorized Test Center. All certification exams can be delivered onsite.

Career Titles  
This program will help students prepare for a wide range of careers in the IT field, including the following: computer support technician, computer technologist, help desk technician, information technology specialist, IT analyst, Microsoft certified professional, network support technician, PC support specialist, technical support analyst and technical support manager. 

computer info tech



First Year - Fall Semester
COMP  1109   Introduction to Operating Systems (3cr)
COMP  1120   Introduction to Computer Applications (3cr)
COMP  1204   Computer Repair I-A+ Hardware (4cr)
General Education (5cr)
Total 15 Credits

Spring Semester
COMP  1121   Advanced Computer Applications (3cr)
COMP  1230*   Network Essentials (4cr)
COMP  1253   Client Operating Systems Administration (4cr)
COMP  1206*  Computer Repair II-A+ Operating System (3cr)
General Education (1cr)
Total 15 Credits

Second Year - Fall Semester
COMP  2160   Ethics in Information Technology (2cr)
COMP  2202   Computer User Support (3cr)
COMP  2107   Supporting Client Operating Systems (3cr)
COMP  2222   Introduction to Visual Basic and Scripting (3cr)
General Education (4cr)
Total 15 Credits

Spring Semester
COMP  2111   Security Essentials (4cr)
COMP  2127   Hardware/Software Evaluation (2cr)
COMP  2220   Introduction to Programming (4cr)
General Education (5cr)
Total 15 Credits

*Denotes Prerequisites or Co-prerequisites

Recommended Elective
COMP  1398    Topics in Computer Technology (2cr)
COMP  2113    Advanced Operating Systems-Command Line (3cr) 
COMP  2213*  Computer Careers Internship (1-6cr)



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