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Humphrey Center donation

A bow that once belonged to the
late Pete Humphrey has been placed in the Skone Family Conservatory housing the
Humphrey Center for American Indian Studies. LaVonne Danzl, whose late husband
Bob had received the six-foot basswood hunting bow as a gift from his canoeing
pal, Humphrey, recently donated the bow to the Humphrey Center so that it may
be displayed along with the many other artifacts housed in the facility
adjacent to the Jon Hassler Library at CLC. Humphrey had bequeathed his
collection to the CLC Foundation in 1995. Bob Danzl died in 1999. The latest addition to the
conservatory is in line with expansion plans, said Mary Sam, CLC director of intercultural
services, diversity and tribal relations. “Our
long term plan is to generate dollars to fund building interactive kiosks
within the Center, a smart board for showing American Indian films and teaching
for all ages, and a hands-on area that will allow guests to learn about
American Indian crafts,” Mary said. Total
cost of this undertaking will be about $45,000. Mary said the goal is to
utilize the Center as a cradle to college learning and community engagement on
American Indian issues.

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