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Live Online

CLC LIve OnlineCLC offers a variety of classes through our Live Online course delivery system. Live Online uses web conferencing technology to give access to classes from remote locations. This innovative method of course delivery allows flexibility as students balance jobs and family with their education. Student can choose to attend in person on campus or access class meetings remotely.  Classes will be streamed some will be recorded for content review.  Real-time attendance is required unless otherwise noted.

Live Online classes have one of three possible attendance policies, depending on what the instructor has chosen.  You can see the attendance policy in the Notes section of each course, either on the schedule below or in eservices.  The attendance policies are:

  1. Real-time attendance is required, online or in-person. Course recordings available for limited time for content review.
  2. Real-time attendance is required, online or in-person. No course recordings.
  3. Attend in person or interactively online or watch recorded class meetings.  Course recordings available for content review.

There are a variety of Liberal Arts, Accounting and Healthcare Administrative Specialist classes scheduled for Live Online delivery for the 2019-2020 academic year.


Live Online course schedules

AccountingSpring Semester 2020000001ACCT 201180Acct Principles I10:00:00 am11:20:00 amM*W*F20W221/BOstlund, S
AccountingSpring Semester 2020000002ACCT 201280Acct Principles II08:30:00 am09:50:00 amM*W*F20W221/BOstlund, S
CommunicationFall Semester 2019000084COMM 142080Interpersonal Communication01:00:00 pm02:20:00 pm*T*R*20E151/BRutledge, J
EnglishFall Semester 2019000385ENGL 141080Composition I10:05:00 am10:55:00 amM*W*F20C237/BRutledge, J
EnglishFall Semester 2019000386ENGL 141081Composition I10:05:00 am10:55:00 amM*W*F20SwanvilleHSRutledge, J
EnglishFall Semester 2019000397ENGL 146380Intro to Literature11:05:00 am11:55:00 amM*W*F20C237/BRutledge, J
EnglishFall Semester 2019000398ENGL 146381Intro to Literature11:05:00 am11:55:00 amM*W*F20SwanvilleHSRutledge, J
EnglishFall Semester 2019000399ENGL 146382Intro to Literature11:05:00 am11:55:00 amM*W*F20OnamiaHSRutledge, J
EnglishFall Semester 2019000487ENGL 152180Technical Writing Fundamentals09:00:00 am09:50:00 am**W**20C237/BTBA
EnglishSpring Semester 2020000380ENGL 141180Composition II10:05:00 am10:55:00 amM*W*F20C237/BRutledge, J
EnglishSpring Semester 2020000381ENGL 141181Composition II10:05:00 am10:55:00 amM*W*F20SwanvilleHSRutledge, J
EnglishSpring Semester 2020000409ENGL 246080Survey of American Literature11:05:00 am11:55:00 amM*W*F20C237/BRutledge, J
EnglishSpring Semester 2020000410ENGL 246081Survey of American Literature11:05:00 am11:55:00 amM*W*F20OnamiaHSRutledge, J
Healthcare Administrative SpecialistFall Semester 2019000119HINS 115280Medical Insurance and Billing10:00:00 am10:50:00 amM*W**20W216/BBremer, S
Healthcare Administrative SpecialistFall Semester 2019000140HINS 115680Interpersonal Skills for Healthcare Professionals11:00:00 am11:50:00 amM*W**20W216/BBremer, S
Healthcare Administrative SpecialistFall Semester 2019000141HINS 116380Medical Office Procedures10:00:00 am10:50:00 amM*W**20W216/BBremer, S
Healthcare Administrative SpecialistSpring Semester 2020000401HINS 115080Intro Diagnosis/Proc Coding01:00:00 pm02:20:00 pm***R*20W216/BBremer, S
MathFall Semester 2019000225MATH 147080College Algebra01:00:00 pm02:20:00 pm*T*R*20E338/BFisher, A
MathFall Semester 2019000227MATH 147780Calculus I08:20:00 am09:50:00 amM*W*F20E338/BFisher, A
MathFall Semester 2019000228MATH 148080Honors Calculus I08:20:00 am09:50:00 amM***F20E338/BFisher, A
MathFall Semester 2019000316PHIL 146080Logic10:00:00 am11:20:00 am*T*R*20E354/BKath, S
MathFall Semester 2019000319PHIL 242280Medical Ethics09:00:00 am09:50:00 amM*W**20E354/BKath, S
MathSpring Semester 2020000279PHIL 146080Logic10:00:00 am11:20:00 am*T*R*20E338/BKath, S
MathSpring Semester 2020000281PHIL 242080Ethics10:00:00 am10:50:00 amM*W*F20E354/BKath, S
MathSpring Semester 2020000283PHIL 242280Medical Ethics09:00:00 am09:50:00 amM*W**20E354/BKath, S
PhysicsSpring Semester 2020000300PHYS 140780Principles of Physics02:30:00 pm03:50:00 pm*T*R*20A113/SHirai, Y
PsychologySpring Semester 2020000319PSYC 242180General Psychology10:00:00 am10:50:00 amM*W*F20E338/BReque-Peterson, A
SpanishFall Semester 2019000430SPAN 140180Beginning Spanish I08:45:00 am09:50:00 amM*W*F20C224/BKloeckl-Jimenez, T
SpanishFall Semester 2019000432SPAN 240180Intermediate Spanish I10:00:00 am11:50:00 am*T*R*20C224/BKloeckl-Jimenez, T
SpanishSpring Semester 2020000342SPAN 140280Beginning Spanish II08:45:00 am09:50:00 amM*W*F20C224/BKloeckl-Jimenez, T
SpanishSpring Semester 2020000343SPAN 240480Intermediate Spanish II10:00:00 am11:50:00 am*T*R*20C224/BKloeckl-Jimenez, T

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Technical Specifications

Students will need to have some minimum technology to participate in a Live Online class from a distance.  Students will need to have internet access as detailed below. Students should refer to the course syllabus for instructions on how to access the class prior to the first class meeting.  Students will need a camera and a microphone in order to participate in the class.  Here are the details:

Computer: A newer Windows PC or Apple Mac computer.  Keep anti-virus, Windows Update, and security patches current to help prevent against virus and malware infections.

Tablet: iPad 3 (or newer) or Surface Pro 3 (or newer)

Web Browser: Chrome – most recent version.  (Firefox and IE will work, but Chrome is preferred.)

Internet Connection: DSL 1.5Mbps or better Internet connection.  Use of dial-up Internet is not recommended.  Go to to test the speed of your Internet connection.  Upload and download speed should be 1.0Mbps minimum

Web Cam: USB or built-in web camera for video

Headset: USB headset with microphone for audio

Smart Phone:  We DO NOT recommend using a phone to participate in a Live Online class, as a phone will NOT give students a good experience in the class.

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