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Liberal Arts/Transfer A.A. – Honors Program

Explore. Aspire. Lead.

The Central Lakes College (CLC) Honors Program emphasizes inquiry, discourse, and application. Honors courses feature small, transformative, and seminar-style classes that embrace the content and feature close working relationships with expert instructors. Honors students explore, aspire, and lead in order to make positive change in the world around them.


To register for Honors courses, you must have:

– Reading Accuplacer score of 100 or more, or

– Permission from the Honors course instructor or course instructor

There is no application or additional fees.

Honors Program Requirements

– 12 credits of Honors courses, and

– CCST 1535: Honors Leadership Development, and

– 3.5 cumulative GPA

Students declare their intention for completing the Honors Program when they select their academic program and indicate it when they apply to graduate.


– Honors courses are labeled on college transcripts and indicate academic excellence to future employers, academic institutions, and/or scholarship committees.

– Dynamic learning opportunities which include attending national conferences, seeing live performances, and interfacing with college and community leaders.

– Enhanced communication skills as a result of working with engaged peers, knowledgeable faculty, community partners, and institutional leaders.

2017-2019 Schedule

You can find Honors courses under the discipline of each course (e.g. Honors Composition II will be under “English”) or by searching for “honors” as a keyword under the “Advanced Search” feature.

Fall 2017

  • BIOL 1422: Honors Biology ***
  • CCST 1535: Honors Leadership Development
  • COMM 1422: Honors Interpersonal Communication (online)
  • ENGL 1420: Honors Composition I
  • MATH 1480: Honors Calculus I *
  • PHIL 1422 Honors Critical Thinking *
  • THTR 1483: Honors Theatre Experience **

*Honors course runs concurrently with non-honors section

**THTR 1483: Honors Theatre includes out-of-class trips to five shows in Minnesota. A $75 fee is added to this course to help cover the cost of tickets and transportation.

***BIOL 1422: Honors Biology will be attending the 2017 Nobel Conference in Gustavus Adolphus College in October.

Spring 2018

  • ENGL 1421: Honors Composition II
  • ENGL 1460: Honors Literature: The Great Books
  • HIST 1475: Honors U.S. History 1865 to Present *
  • MATH 1461: Honors Introduction to Statistics *
  • PSYC 2423: Honors General Psychology (online)

*Honors course runs concurrently with non-honors section

Fall 2018

  • CCST 1535: Honors Leadership Development
  • COMM 2422: Honors Intercultural Communication (online)
  • ENGL 1420: Honors Composition I
  • MATH 1480: Honors Calculus I *
  • SOCL 1403: Honors Introduction to Sociology

*Honors course runs concurrently with non-honors section

*TBA: class attends the 2018 Nobel Conference in Gustavus Adolphus College in October.

Spring 2019

  • ENGL 1421: Honors Composition II
  • ENGL 1460: Honors Literature: The Great Books
  • GEOG 1460: Honors Cultural Geography
  • MATH 1461: Honors Introduction to Statistics *
  • PHED 1597 Honors Fitness for Life
  • PHIL 2421: Honors Ethics

*Honors course runs concurrently with non-honors section

Honors Program FAQ

Are Honors courses “harder?”
Honors courses share similar course goals to their non-Honors counterparts so much of the course content is the same and not “harder.” At the same time, Honors courses achieve these goals differently and may include out-of-class learning experiences, original source material, community engagement, and/or real-world leadership opportunities. Ultimately, Honors courses offer an engaging, innovative, and inspirational learning environment to students who are willing to challenge themselves.

How will Honors courses change my GPA?

Honors courses often result in a higher GPA as students are more likely to succeed when class sizes are small and they can work more closely with their instructors. Honors courses’ GPA is not weighted in any way, however, so a grade in an Honors course counts the same way as non-Honors courses.

Is there an application or application fee?
There is no application or fee for Honors courses or the Honors Program. Honors courses are open to all students who meet the eligibility requirements.

Are Honors courses more expensive than non-honors courses?
Honors courses share the same tuition rate as non-Honors courses, but a few may carry small fees to help offset the cost of the out-of-class learning experiences (see below).

What “out-of-class” learning experiences do students experience?
Currently, several Honors courses include out-of-class experiences. For example, Honors Economics students attend the national Nobel Conference at Gustavus Adolphus College; Honors Theatre students attend live shows in theaters throughout the state of Minnesota, many at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis; Honors Literature students get to meet poets visiting the college for the Verse Like Water program; and Honors Leadership Development students work with community and college leaders on service learning projects.

How many Honors courses can I take?
Honors courses are scheduled so that they occur at different times and days, and there is no limit on how many you can take at one time. Additionally, many students exceed the minimum credits required by the program as they enjoy the learning environment.

Are there scholarships available?
Students taking Honors courses are eligible for scholarships through the CLC Foundation. Also, most students taking Honors courses are also eligible for Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) membership, which has its own scholarships.

How does the Honors Program celebrate?

Every fall, in coordination with Phi Theta Kappa, the Honors Program hosts a Fall Reception where students, faculty, and administrators gather and share. In the spring students enrolled in Honors courses gather to reflect on their accomplishments and plan for the future at the Honors Program Final Session. Students who have completed the requirements are also awarded with the Honors Program Medallion at this time.  The medallion becomes an official part of students’ authorized commencement regalia.

Where should I start?
CCST 1535: Honors Leadership Development is a great place to begin, and it’s the only required course for the Honors Program. Honors Leadership Development also counts as a Student Success course requirement for students pursing an A.A. and offers students an early opportunity to develop their individual voice and grow their personal agency.

Contact Information

For more information about signing up for courses, contact an advisor or admission representative via email at or via phone at (218) 855-8031

For information about the Honors Program or specific courses, contact the Honors Program Coordinator via email at


CLC Honors Program Video