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About the Department

The Engineering at Central Lakes College prepares every student for a career in an exciting, growing field. Challenging classes that encourage ingenuity and exploration give students the ability to think logically as well as creatively. Engineering students will gain not only the technical knowledge and skills for collaborative work but also the independence and self-confidence to employ those skills in real world needs.

Faculty are up to date on the technological and scientific discoveries that are constantly challenging new ways of thinking, knowing and living. As an engineering major at CLC, students will be prepared to enter a well-compensated career as a respected professional, ready to meet the world’s demand for technically skilled knowledge workers.

Department Information

Department Description

Department Description: Engineering appeals to students who enjoy the challenge of learning how things work and using this knowledge to improve the world in which they live. They are creative thinkers who enjoy design activities and building things.

Special Department Information

Special Department Information: A strong background in math is required for successful completion of second-year engineering courses.

Learning Outcomes

Department Learning Outcomes:

  • Accurately use mathematical functions that apply to Engineering problems.
  • Use graphing technologies to help explain physical phenomena related to engineering challenges and discuss them orally or in writing.
  • Correctly apply the principals governing physical phenomena to solve engineering problems collaboratively.

Transfer Opportunities

Transfer Opportunities: Central Lakes College offers in Associates of Science (AS) Degree that is designed to lead to a bachelor’s degree in Engineering at a four-year university. These credits transfer in full through articulation agreements with all area engineering schools. CLC students most often transfer to the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis or Duluth), North Dakota State University (NDSU), the University of North Dakota (UND), Mankato State University (MSU), and St. Cloud State University (SCSU).

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities: Engineering degrees are among the most highly paid of Bachelor’s degrees and span a very large number of fields. The most common engineering fields include Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Chemical Engineering. Other fields include, but are not limited to, Aerospace Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Industrial Engineering. Engineers commonly transition to management positions in business and industry, start their own companies, or use their engineering degree to facilitate movement into other professional fields such as patent law and medicine.

Career Titles

Career Titles: Engineer, Patent Attorney, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Dr. Yoshi Hirai
Dr. Yoshi Hirai is a faculty member in both the Central Lakes College Physics department and the Engineering department. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in Physics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison after receiving multiple B.S. degrees in Engineering Mechanics and Astronautics as well as Physics from UW-Madison as an international student.

Dr. Hirai’s interests include collaborating with local high school teachers on CIS Physics courses and working with local robotics coaches as a VEX Robotics regional coordinator. Central Lakes College students benefit from many hands on learning experiences in Dr. Hirai’s courses such as the High-Altitude Ballooning project at CLC. He is an experimental condensed-matter physicist who teaches that science answers real questions and engineering solves real problems. Email Yoshi for more information

Student Testimonials

Lindy Jo

Crosby, MN
Hands down, CLC was the best pre-engineering choice for me. The exceptional educators I worked with, the one-on-one attention I received, and the lower costs I benefitted from, allowed me to achieve my higher education goal. All of the CLC credits transferred with ease to a MnSCU four year college which gives me to the ability to complete my bachelors degree in Environmental Science specializing in engineering in the time frame I am planning on.

Employment Statistics

For more information regarding employment statistics, career salary information and estimated job growth, follow the resource links below: