The Green Bandana Project

The Green Bandana Project

Purpose:  The origins of this project began with college students on the University of Wisconsin, Madison campus.  This program was designed to spread awareness of resources for those with mental illness. The lime green bandanas, to be distributed across campus, are attached to students’ backpacks (or in this year of the pandemic worn anywhere visible to others). This indicates that they are a safe individual to approach with mental health-related issues, that they will listen without judgement, and that they hold a few resource cards (provided by the CLC Counseling Department) with contacts to get help and support.

This program offers unspoken support. If someone sees a lime green bandana on the backpack of a stranger, it is a sign of stigma-free, quiet solidarity. They will know that they are not alone in their struggle.  A special thank you to our community partner, Crow Wing Energized for their financial support of this project.

  • The Pledge

  • In taking this bandana and tying it to my backpack, I pledge:
    I will listen if you need to talk to someone.
    I will talk to someone if I need to be heard.
    I will help you find someone to talk to when you need more support.
    I will find someone to talk to when I need more support.
    I will be accepting.
    I will be honest.
    I will see a person in need of support and not just their challenges.
    With this pledge, I am declaring support for those dealing with challenges to their mental and emotional well-being.
    You can talk to me. I want to help. I want to listen.
    You are way too important to feel alone today.
  • My Information

  • By filling out your contact information, checking the box below and submitting your information, it allows us to mail the green bandana and resource cards to you
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