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How do I apply for Financial Aid?
You begin with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application available online at

Should I apply for aid?
All students will have eligibility for some type of aid. It may only be student loans, but it would be something.

What is the Department of ED PIN?
It is a way to electronically sign a FAFSA on the web and may also be used to sign a loan application online.

What is Central Lakes College (CLC) code for the FAFSA?
Central Lakes code is 002339. This code is for both the Brainerd and Staples campuses.

Where can I get help completing my FAFSA?
The Department of Education offers help in completing your FAFSA at Completing the

Do I have to use my parent's information on the FAFSA?
The general rules state that until a student is 24 years of age, married, has a dependent child, an orphan or ward of the court or is working on a master's or doctorate degree he or she is dependent and parent information is required.

How do I check on my FAFSA?
You may go online to or call the Department of Education at 1(800)433-3243.

How do I know what financial aid I am eligible for?
Once you have a complete financial aid file at CLC an official award letter will be sent to you. Award letters usually start going out mid June.

How do I apply for a loan?
The FAFSA needs to be completed first. When our office receives the results your student financial aid file is started. When your file is complete an award letter will be made available to you through your E-Services. The award letter will have information about how to apply for a student loan.

What happens if I totally withdraw from CLC?
Before you consider withdrawing from ALL of your classes, you MUST be aware of the Federal Return of Funds policy. Federal Regulations require you to repay a portion of your financial aid based on the number of days you have NOT attended in a semester. This severely penalizes aid recipients financially if they withdraw from school on or before the 60% point in the term.

What happens if there is a class I have not attended?
Federal Regulations require that a student must show attendance in each class they received financial aid for. A students' financial aid award will be recalculated for any class the student never attends.

How do I get any remaining financial aid after my tuition, fees and possibly books have been paid for?
Financial Aid disbursement is on the 12th class day for fall/spring and the 10th class day of regular summer. The disbursement of refunds comes from the Business Office with the use of Higher One. Dates of disbursement are on the Important Date page.

How do I check to see how much I have borrowed in student loans?
A very good source of this information is found on the Great Lakes Higher Education Corporations website. It is referred to IBIS (Internet Borrower Inquiry Services). The Department of Education (DOE) also has this option available to you at National Student Loan Data System , be sure to have your PIN from the DOE to verify your identity.

Can I apply for alternative loans at Central Lakes College?
CLC is now participating in alternative loan programs. The Student Loans page will have information soon.  If you have questions about loan options ask the CLC Financial Aid Office.



Glossary of Terms at  
Department of Education, Federal Student Aid

FAFSA on the Web at
Free application for Federal Student Aid

FAFSA4caster at
This site can be used for parents and student younger than high school seniors to get an idea of aid eligibility and the process.

Financial Aid Page at
A resource of applying for aid, scholarship searching, aid estimating and a wide variety of aid assisting information.

MHESO-Minnesota Higher Education Services Office. at
A resource that includes Minnesota college costs, up-to-date information about Minnesota higher education, and an interactive financial aid estimator.

Federal Student (FSA)
Encompasses all areas of attending college. How to determine the best college for you. What funding is out there and how to apply. etc.

Student Guide to Financial Aid from the Department of
This is the U.S. Department of Educations guide to student financial aid.

Department of Education at
The Department of Education is a very extensive source of education information for students and parents.

The Old School at
A resource for general financial aid information.

America Counts at

America Reads
These programs utilize college students math and reading skills to encourage and tutor elementary age students.



NSLDS-National Student Loan Data Systems
Information regarding your student loan history. Choose the "Financial Aid Review" option. This site uses the Department of Educations PIN (Personal Identification Number) for the FAFSA to verify your identity.

Federal Loan
Here is some help with managing your student loan debt. It allows you to combine multiple student loans together, thus having one loan payment and loan holder.

Defaulted Student 
As part of the Department of Education's management of defaulted student loans, the Department's Debt Collection Service has created this web site to aid in the repayment of a defaulted student loan.



JTPA, DRS and CEP at
Funding sources from the Minnesota Work Force Centers.

Department of Veteran Affairs at
Information about veteran education benefits is located at this site.

My Military Education at
The site has seven-day-a-week access to customer service staff and a back of 150 frequently asked questions. It will also provide these students information and resources about higher education benefits and services, ensuring that all students have every opportunity to achieve their educational goals. This Web site includes information about all Minnesota higher education institutions including the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, the University of Minnesota and Minnesota private colleges and universities.

MN National Guard
There are several education benefits and financial incentives available through the Minnesota National Guard. Opportunities include college benefits, tuition assistance, scholarships, financial bonuses, and a variety of other programs. Be sure to check out all the other assistance programs available.



Selective Service Registration or Verification at
Have you registered for the draft? This website allows you to register or check to see if you have already.

College Board at
A site with a variety of information for college bound students.

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MNSCU) at
Many colleges in Minnesota are part of the MNSCU system. Surf through the site to connect to other institutions of higher learning in Minnesota.





Last Updated: 9/5/13