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How to Apply


1. Apply for a Department of Education (DOE) PIN at .

2. After receiving your PIN, complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at Do Not pay to have this application completed or submitted to the Federal government.  This application starts the aid process for federal and state aid and the grant, workstudy or loan programs.  The Federal School Code for Central Lakes College (CLC) is 002339 for both campuses.  The FAFSA is available in alternative formats and languages.  You may find alternative formats online at  or at the Financial Aid Office.

NEW IRS Date Retrieval tool - When completing your FAFSA online you will have the option of retrieving your Federal income tax return information from the IRS.  You will be walked through the retrieval steps while you are doing the FAFSA.  This is a safe, secure and accurate way to include your Federal income tax return information in your FAFSA.  This tool has been provided for your convience and should make the completion of the FAFSA more accurate.  Be aware not everyone can use this tool, but many can.
* A FAFSA needs to be completed each school year you attend college. The financial aid academic year at Central Lakes College is from Fall through Summer.  The 2013-14 school year includes Fall 2013, Spring 2014 and Summer 2014.  The 2014-15 school year includes Fall 2014, Spring 2015 and Summer 2015.

* If you prefer the paper FAFSA, it is available after January 1 of each year in PDF (printable) format is available at or by calling 1.800.433.3243 
* Be sure to print a copy of your FAFSA on the web or make a copy of your completed paper FAFSA before you mail it.

* The length of time it takes before you receive results of your FAFSA depends on how you apply:

- A FAFSA on the web with DOE PIN signatures and an email address can be as fast as 3 days.

- A FAFSA on the web with a mailed signature page takes about 2 weeks

- A paper FAFSA takes 4 to 6 weeks.

* The DOE processor sends a Student Aid Report (SAR) to the student after the processing of the FAFSA. The SAR will show the information that you provided on your FAFSA. You should review it to make sure the information is correct. If corrections are needed, we recommend that you contact the Financial Aid Office.

* SAR notification will again depend on how the student applied:

- An electronic application or paper FAFSA with an email address will receive an electronic SAR notification sent to the provided email address.

- A paper SAR will be sent for a FAFSA on the web or paper FAFSA without an email address

* Review your SAR carefully.

3. The U.S. Department of Education processor will electronically send your FAFSA information to the college code(s) listed on the FAFSA at the same time a SAR is sent to you.

4. The CLC Financial Aid Office will notify you by email to review your Financial Aid Status Report under Financial Aid Application Status in your E-Services. This will inform you of other required documents to complete your financial aid file. Some requested documents can be submitted electronically. Please complete the requested documents and information immediately. This will allow your financial aid file to be worked on sooner. If you prefer paper documents to be mailed to you, please call the Financial Aid Office.

5. Special Circumstances: The Financial Aid Office is allowed to use professional judgment to allow changes to the FAFSA. If you have had changes to your income or family situation since completing the FAFSA, please stop in the office to talk to someone. A Special Circumstances Appeal form can be submitted electronically. Any other requested required documentation must be submitted to financial aid office personnel for review.

6. Separate applications are needed for:

* Loans for student and/or parent. Use the Student Loans page on the left-hand side of the screen.

* Minnesota Post-Secondary Child Care Grant

* CLC Foundation Scholarships

* Other Aid:

- Alliss Grant - Applications are available at the Student Services window.



Summer is considered a trailer to the preceding financial aid year. To receive aid for Summer 2014 a 2013-14 FAFSA needs to be completed. The first run of summer aid award letters will happen around mid April and will be available for viewing on your E-Services.  If you have been enrolled both fall and spring semesters at full-time, you may have very little or no aid eligibility remaining for summer. 

Summer process 1 2 3 Easy:

1. Be sure to have a complete financial aid file for the current school year. Start with "How to Apply" step 1 above if you have not done a FAFSA yet for the current year. If you received any grants, loans or work study for fall and/or spring semester you already have a complete financial aid file.

2. Register for summer classes. Registration for summer classes may begin as early as November, but the first batch of summer award letters will not be run until approximately April 1st. A Summer Award letter can’t be processed until you have registered for summer classes.

3. If you register for summer classes after mid April, a Summer Award letter will be packaged and available on your E-Services for viewing within two weeks of your summer registration. Below is an explanation of how summer aid is awarded.


* Eligibility for summer session grants will be based on any remaining eligibility after fall and/or spring semester.

* If you are transferring from another college, the financial aid you received there will also be taken into account in determining summer eligibility.

* Full-time enrollment for summer is the same as fall and spring semesters.

 ~ Federal programs-12 credits or more

 ~ Minnesota State Grant (MSG) and Post-Secondary Child Care grant-15 credits or more.


* If you have eligibility on your summer award letter there will be instructions on how to apply in the letter. Login to your E-Services or refer to the Student Loans page to begin the process of applying for loans.  You must be enrolled in at least 6 credits to be eligible for loans.

* If there is not any loan eligibility be sure to ask at the Financial Aid Office. There may be some other loan option.

Work Study

* Student employment for the summer is also available.

* Stop at the Financial Aid Office to check into eligibility.

* Eligibility will be based on the upcoming year's financial aid file.

* The Financial Aid Office can’t guarantee that you will earn the full amount of your work award. This is different than the grants and loans for summer. So the FAFSA for the next school year needs to be completed by June 1st with an indication of interest in work study on the FAFSA.

* A student need not be registered for summer term credits, but must be registered for at least 6 credits in the fall term. Be aware summer work study awards may adversely affect fall work study and/or loan eligibility awards.


Confidentiality of Financial Records

The General Education Provision of the Act of 1974, as amended by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, provides for privacy safeguards for students and families by setting up guidelines for the disclosure of education records and personally identifiable information. The law provides that financial assistance records of a student may be inspected by that student only.



Last Updated: 3/11/14