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Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

Disability Services Faculty Handbook (pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions_Q0J5492

Disability flowchart (pdf)

D2L Accessibility Resource Link

Faculty Room-Resource Guide

Accessibility Statements

Instructor accommodation responsibilities

  • Be aware of and comply with Central Lakes College policies and procedures for providing accommodations.
  • If an instructor has a student who is set up for accommodations through Disability Services, the instructor will be notified via email of the student’s approved accommodations.
  • Notify students that accommodations are available, either on class syllabi or by announcing it in class. Suggest that students with disabilities contact the Disability Services Office if they have not already done so, in order to receive academic accommodations.
  • Set and enforce academic and course conduct standards & determine essential elements of the course or program.
  • Collaborate with students and the Disability Services Office in arranging and providing accommodations.
  • Respect and maintain a student’s right to privacy about his or her disability.

Disability Services Procedures
Before the start of each semester, Disability Faculty Notifications will be Emailed to you to inform you of any students who have a documented disability who are in your courses.  Please read over attached documents as these will be helpful for you in better understanding their accommodations.  Below are some commonly used forms and handouts you will see:

Disability Faculty Notifications (pdf) Form sent to instructors to indicated student’s accommodations for the course

Alternative Testing Fact Sheet  Description of alternative testing procedures for students who receive extra time and a quiet room for their accommodations

Notetaker Fact Sheet Description of notetaking procedures for students who receive a notetaker as one of their accommodations