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Graphic Design
Why Choose Graphic Design at CLC?

Award winning students at the American Advertising Federation Competition - Best of Show 2 years in a row.

Students receive close personal attention from their instructors.

Digital printing production program for real world experience.

Active "Right Brain Graphics Club" perform student activities and community services.

We stay current with industry technology.

Close to industry for possible internships and local placement.

Program Options
Graphic Design A.A.S. Degree
Graphic Design Diploma
Graphic Design Media Technologies Diploma
About the Program

Graphic Designers are a key component in promoting people, corporations and products to consumers. We work in many areas from print/production design, website/social media design, motion graphics and animation design. Designers go through a process of conception, creation and communication of visual effects in all aspects of advertising. We offer instruction using the latest in today's technology and innovative techniques for this career field. We help connect students to challenges of exciting, creative, and rewarding career opportunities. We "Design It."

Leon Dahlvang
Leon Dahlvang graduated from Staples Technical College and became a teaching assistant in the Computer Graphics department from 1985-89. He then worked at Connecting Point Computer Center/EdTech as a telephone support specialist for the graphics industry. He assisted in designs of brochures other promotional pieces for retail and education clients. In 1992, Leon was hired as a design/support person for the graphic design department at the Print House in Willmar, MN. Leon returned to teaching at Central Lakes College in 1996 and has enjoyed teaching students using technology for the creative marketplace. 
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Rick Jensen
Jensen's work in design and photographic direction has won AdFed awards at the local, district, and national levels. These ADDY awards include work for clients such as Larson Boats, Bayliner Boats, LaMettry's Collision and Creative Memories. Rick has a varied background working for agencies, printers, and companies – both large and small. A Minnesota native, he received a B.F.A. in Graphic Design at Indiana State University in 1993, where an elective course in graphic design and metals set him down his career path. Later in 2013, he received a B.S. in Education - Art, K-12 from St. Cloud State University. He's currently working for the Minneapolis based, Soulo Communications as their Creative Director. "I've always liked creating things," he says. "Whether it's landscaping or construction or art, I just really like making something. As it turned out, graphic design was a way to make a living doing something I love".
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Student Testimonials
Graduate of 2014
I started the CLC graphic design program on a whim. I had earned a four-year degree after high school, but two years after that, I still wasn't totally sure what I wanted to do. After considering a few possibilities, CLC ended up being my best option because it was close to home, and the Communication Art & Design program sounded like something I might like to do. I had no graphic design experience prior to starting classes at CLC, other than creating Microsoft Paint masterpieces for my mom when I was five. I had never opened Photoshop before; I had no clue what InDesign was. However, once I started my classes, I quickly realized that design was something that I had always been interested in. But before CLC, I hadn't fully realized this interest, or what I could potentially do with it. The instructors at CLC have helped me figure out what my true passion is, and to grow and improve as a designer, and I was able to secure a job before I graduated, working at a great agency with awesome people.


Graduate of 2013
After high school I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my life. I knew I wanted to go somewhere close to home so I started looking at colleges in the area. I heard of CLC so I did some research and after reading about all the programs offered, the Communication Art and Design program sounded like it could be a good fit. I started the program without ever opening an adobe software program in my life. After the first few months I fell in love with what I was doing. My instructors were always willing to give me extra help when I needed and that's part of what made me the designer I am today. I went on to receiving awards at the Addy's & was hired right after graduation. I am now the marketing director at a great company and feel very blessed to have found a career that I love straight out of college. Thank you CLC!

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