Culinary Arts Certificate

Why Choose Culinary Arts Certificate at CLC?

Beginning Fall 2020

Learn from nationally renowned chefs who work locally in the industry.

Gain real work experience in three industry internship rotations.

Gain national certifications for the industry, such as the ServSafe Food Manager certification.

Convenient evening courses and a shortened academic year to get you the skills you need to get a job fast!

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About the Program

The Culinary Arts program prepares individuals for exciting careers in many culinary environments. Students learn all aspects to be successful in the industry, from food safety and sanitation to cooking techniques, flavors, and presentation. Students completing the program will earn the ServSafe Food Manager certificate.

Program Information

Program Course Requirements

CULA 1101 Culinary Techniques and Terminology (1 cr)
CULA 1104 Applied Food Safety and Sanitation (2 cr)
CULA 1107 Culinary Math and Spreadsheet Analysis (1 cr)
CULA 1110 Food Production Lab I (3 cr)
CULA 1113 Food Production Lab II (3 cr)
CULA 1116 Food Production Lab III (3 cr)
CULA 1119 Garde and International Flavors (2 cr)
CULA 1122 Food Identification and Purchasing (1 cr)
CULA 1125 Introduction to Baking and Pastry Techniques (2 cr)
CULA 1128 Internship I (4 cr)
CULA 1131 Internship II (4 cr)
CULA 1134 Internship III (4 cr)
Total 30 Credits


Program Outcomes:
Graduates will be able to:

  • Identify safety and sanitation methods and pass the Serv-Safe Certification;
  • Identify and label culinary equipment;
  • Analyze menus to determine ordering needs, food costs, and menu pricing;
  • Determine and successfully use appropriate food preparation techniques for a given menu;
  • Apply mathematical concepts to recipe conversion, inventory, ordering, costing, and pricing;
  • Demonstrate effective customer service, oral and written communication skills with the kitchen team; and
  • Apply culinary knowledge in a real-life situation and make knowledgeable decisions while on internship.

Certification: Students completing the program will earn the ServSafe Food Manager certificate.

Career Titles: The Culinary Arts certificate prepares individuals for careers in the restaurant, resort, hotel, casino, and institutional food service industries. Graduates of this program are prepared to work as chefs, line cooks, prep cooks, restaurant cooks, institutional/cafeteria cooks, station chefs, caterers, production developers, and various restaurant and hospitality management positions.


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Employment Statistics

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