7.9.8 DOL Grant Personnel Employment Compensation

7.9.8 DOL Grant Funded Personnel – Employment and Compensation


All U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Grantees must adhere to the applicable regulationsspecific grant provisions, special clauses and conditions, Minnesota Statutes, and State of Minnesota Policies, Procedures and Administrative Rules when hiring and managing grant-supported personnel.   


  • Reasonable Personnel Costs: All costs must be reasonable, allocable to the sponsored agreement, be given consistent treatment, be appropriate to the circumstances, and conform to any limitations or exclusions in the principles or sponsored agreement. 2 CFR Part 220 (OMB Circular A-21). 
  • Salary and Bonus LimitationsDOL Grant funds may not be used by a grant recipient to pay the salary and bonuses of an individual, either as direct costs or indirect costs, at a rate in excess of Executive Level II. The salary and bonus limitation does not apply to vendors providing goods and services as defined in OMB Circular A-133. Grant Award, Part IV Special Conditions. 
  • Classification, recruitment and hiring: 
  • Recruitment – Each member college must comply with its employment-related policies and procedures, affirmative action plan and applicable legislation including federal and state equal employment opportunity (EEO) laws and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  
  • Classification and salary levels must be consistent with each institution’s employment related policies and applicable federal and state requirements. 
  • Job descriptions do not require pre-approval from the lead college (CLC); however, they should be developed in accordance with the institution’s policies and maintained by individuals responsible for grant oversight. 
  • Documentation and Monitoring – Each member college must maintain documentation of the classification, recruitment and hiring process. This includes, but is not limited to, job descriptions and announcements, employment policies, and employment contracts. These documents may be selected for review by federal monitors or during member site visits.   
  • Faculty Compensation for Work not included in the Base Salary Period 
  • Compensation for instructional work performed by faculty members during summer months or other periods not included in the base salary period will be determined by the normal policy of the college for instructional assignments during such periods. 
  • Compensation for non-instructional work performed by faculty members during the summer months or other periods not included in the base salary period must not exceed the compensation level of the base salary.  The base salary period will be the number of months covered by the faculty’s official academic year appointment. 









USDOL TAACCCT Grant Award and Part IV Special Clauses and Conditions 

2 CFR Part 215 – Uniform Administrative Requirements at  

2 CFR Part 220 – Cost Principals for Institutions of Higher Education 

20 CFR Part 37 – Nondiscrimination and Equal Opportunity Requirements 

TAACCCT Memoranda of Understanding.  

State of Minnesota Policies, Procedures Administrative Rules 

Minnesota State Statutes 

Collective Bargaining Agreements 





Date of procedure creation: 02/10/2015 

Author (s): Rebekah Kent, Director Strategic Grant Initiatives and  

Jillian Cyann, Accounting Officer, AME & RITA Grant 


Date of Implementation: 02/24/2015 




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