7.9.4 Grant Travel Procedure

7.9.4  Grant Travel Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) 


SOP Title: Grant Reporting 

Division/Dept.: Administrative Services 

Author/Title: Kari Christiansen 

Date: May 2013 


Purpose and Scope: State the intent, objectives and extent of coverage of the SOP.             

The purpose of this SOP is to standardize the procedure for documenting the appropriate use of Department of Labor/ TAACCCT Grant funds to pay for grant related travel and/or living/meal expenses while on assignment in performance of Grant activity (ies).  


This SOP will cover any college employee assigning any grant related travel/expenses to DOL Grant Agreements. 


Procedural Steps & Responsibilities: Document specific, procedural, step-by-step     instructions. List titles and departments responsible for specific aspects of the SOP.  


Prior to the employee request for approval of travel expense/reimbursement under these grant agreements, the following items must be completed before travel occurs:  


  1. 1.Request for Out of State Travel (if applicable), which requires justification for travel in accordance with the applicable Federal documents describedin Associated Documents section below  
  2. 2.Upon completion of travel activity, employee will provide the following details to the appropriate administrator identified as the Signature Authority on applicable cost center(s)on a SEMA-4 form, including a copy of the meeting/travel itinerary and/or conference agenda: 
  3. Brief description of activity purpose as it relates to grant 
  4. List of meeting/conference participants with which discussion occurred 


The documentation may exist in hard copy or an electronic file (email).  

These documents will be secured in the grants program resources files for compliance audits.  


Associated Documents: 

With regard to Federal DOL Grant AgreementsCentral Lakes College is regulated by CFR Title 29, Part 95 – Grants and Agreements with Institutions of Higher Education, and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-21(revised 05/10/04), for the determination of allowable costs eligible for reimbursement under this grant award. Circular A-21 defines allowable costs for Meetings and Conferences as follows: “Costs of meetings and conferences, the primary purpose of which is the dissemination of technical information, are allowable. This includes costs of meals, transportation, rental of facilities, speakers’ fees, and other items incidental to such meetings or conferences.” 



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Date of policy creation: May 2013 

Author: Kari Christiansen 

Date of Implementation: July 1, 2013 




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