7.9.11 DOL Budget Realignment Request

7.9.11 DOL – Budget Realignment Request


Submit the BUDGET REALIGNMENT REQUEST FORM for ALL budget realignment requests. 


As the consortium lead institution, Central Lakes College is responsible for tracking all budgetary changes and ensuring that collectively the consortium does not exceed the 20% budget line item flexibility cap; and that budget realignment requests that require DOL approved modifications are submitted to DOL when appropriate.  


Budget Line Item Flexibility  

  • The U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) allows flexibility within the grant budget (except wages, salaries, fringe benefits and indirect costs) provided no single line item is increased or decreased by more than 20%. Changes in excess of 20% and any changes in wages, salaries, fringe benefits, and indirect cost rates must receive prior written approval from the Federal Grant Officer, and additional action through DOL may be required. 
  • Changes in mix or match within the wages and salaries line do not require a grant modification; however, the assigned DOL Federal Grant Officer must review the changes prior to implementation. Failure to obtain this prior written approval may result in cost disallowance.  
  • If an increase or decrease in your member budget is needed, please complete the BUDGET REALIGNMENT REQUST FORM and provide in your request the JUSTIFICATION for the realignment and submit, via e-mail, to the Grant Consortium Director. The Grant Consortium Director will review each request to determine if the changes can be approved immediately or whether additional action through USDOL is required.  


When submitting the budget realignment form, please ensure that the following is provided: 

  • College name 
  • Name of requestor and email 
  • Detailed justification for budget modification for each expense category line 
  • Current budget total for each budget line 
  • Adjustment amount  (if subtracting from the current budget, please place a negative sign (-) in front of the number, for example: -$1200) 



Grant Agreement No. TC-23753-12-60-A-27 Part IV Special Clauses and Conditions 


Date of procedure creation: 02/10/2015 

Author (s): Rebekah Kent, Director Strategic Grant Initiatives and  

Jillian Cyann, Accounting Officer, AME & RITA Grant 


Date of Implementation: 02/24/2015 




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