7.10 DOL Co-Enrollment Policy

7.10   DOL Co-Enrollment Policy


Part 1 Purpose: 

To define the guidelines for Co-Enrollment between Workforce (WIA), State, County, Social Service and related agencies (hereto designated, “agency”) and their staff with regards to case management and reporting requirements regarding eligible grant program participants, and to ensure compliance with federal and applicable agency guidelines and regulations pertaining to co-enrollment between the relevant program administrators and/or case managers in servicing eligible grant participants. 


Part 2 Policy: 

Central Lakes College will comply with all applicable federal regulations and requirements set forth by MnSCU and the DOL in order to establish a case management co-enrollment policy. DOL grant staff members agree to provide equitable and appropriate grant services to eligible program participants, in association with the applicable agency and their staff to coordinate case management of participants, monitoring eligibility and grant-related activities, plus applicable tracking for DOL reporting purposes.  


Part 3 Procedure: 

Grant staff and/or the relevant agency staff will be in receipt of a “release of information” or other acceptable document with permission of the grant program participant to share relevant information pertaining to the participant’s grant activities. 


Grant staff will follow internal procedures and tracking process for coordinating receipt from the relevant agency of requested data for DOL reporting purposes  

Relevant documentation, auditing and reporting will be maintained according to DOL requirements.  


Part 4 Responsibilities: 

CLC grant staff members are responsible for complying with appropriate DOL laws, policies, procedures, and guidelines. All staff members are responsible for following the rules of conduct in co-enrollment case management procedures contained in the records covered under the Workforce Investment Act of 1998.  


The Project Director is responsible for guidance and oversight. He/she is also responsible for monitoring the receipt of data collection from agencies to meeting DOL reporting requirements.  


Part 5 Dissemination: 

This policy will be included in grant staff hiring packet.  Standard dissemination also applies. 




Date of policy creation: May, 2013 

Author: Kari Christiansen 

Date of Implementation: July 1, 2013 

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