3.38 Career Information

3.38 Career Information Policy 

Purpose: The purpose of the Career & Placement Services Department is to support and empower the Central Lakes College community with the resources, skills, and knowledge necessary to be successful with in career exploration, educational planning, job preparation and employment search.  


College Policy: 

The Career & Placement Services Department will provide a wide range of resources including up-to-date information on employment trends, working conditions, training required for specific jobs, and current salaries, which can help focus a career search and begin making decisions about college choices and career opportunities. Counselors assist students in exploring their career options through individual counseling, test interpretation, group seminars and providing resources to gather career information. 


Employment Services: 

Although securing employment is the responsibility of each graduate, CLC partners with the Minnesota Workforce Center to provide employment services for students.  


Date of policy creation:  10-10-10 

Author:  Rick Kangas, Interim Dean of Enrollment & Student Service 

Date of Implementation:  11-08-10 


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