3.35 Credit for Prior Learning

3.35 Credit for Prior Learning Policy


Part 1. Purpose. The purpose of this policy is to require Central Lakes College to provide students with opportunities to demonstrate college and university-level learning gained in non-credit or experiential settings and to establish consistent practices in Central Lakes College for evaluating and granting undergraduate credit for such learning. 

Part 2. Institutional Policy and procedure. Central Lakes College shall provide students with a means for evaluation of prior learning and shall develop policies and procedures consistent with Procedure 3.35.1 Credit for Prior Learning. 

Part 3. Compliance with Legislation. Central Lakes College shall grant credit for prior learning for a veteran’s military training or service in compliance with Subd.2 of Minnesota Statute 197.775 Higher Education Fairness. 

Part 4. Information Dissemination. Central Lakes College shall provide accessible and timely information to prospective and admitted students regarding opportunities for credit for prior learning. 

Date of policy creation1/30/2017  

Author: Nick Heisserer, Director of Enrollment Services  

Date of implementation: July 1, 2017 



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