3.21 Undergraduate Course Credit Transfer

3.21 Undergraduate Course Credit Transfer


Part 1. Purpose. The purpose of this policy is to establish consistent practices for accepting credit for undergraduate college-level courses transferred to Central Lakes College, except for courses that apply to the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum as per MinnState Policy 3.37 Minnesota Transfer Curriculum.  


Part 2. Definition. For purposes of this policy the following definition applies:  

Comparable or equivalent course. A comparable or equivalent course is one that is similar in nature, content and level of expected student performance of course outcomes to a course offered by Central Lakes College 


Part 3. Transfer of Undergraduate Credits. Once a student has been admitted to Central Lakes College, Central Lakes College shall evaluate college-level courses, as submitted by the student on an official transcript, to determine if they shall be accepted in transfer. Once the courses are accepted in transfer, Central Lakes College shall determine how the courses will apply to program and graduation requirements.  


Transfer of credit shall involve at least three considerations:  

  1. Educational quality of thecourseswhich the student transfers. 
  2. Comparability of the nature, content and level of thecoursesoffered by Central Lakes College.  
  3. Appropriateness and applicability of thecoursesto the programs offered by Central Lakes College in light of the student’s educational goals.  


Subpart A. Transfer of courses from a MinnState college or university and are included in the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC). Once a course has met the criteria necessary for inclusion in the MnTC in any area of emphasis/goal area, the course will be accepted for full credit in that area of emphasis/goal area. 

Subpart B. Transfer of courses that are comparable or equivalent. Central Lakes College shall accept courses in transfer that it determines to be comparable or equivalent to specific courses it offers and a course equivalency shall be established 

Subpart C. Transfer of courses that are from a non-MinnState college or university and not offered at Central Lakes CollegeCentral Lakes College will review course information, learning outcomes and General Education/Liberal Arts inclusion to determine whether to accept a course in the MnTC emphasis/goal area.  

Subpart D: Transfer of courses that are not comparable or not equivalent. Central Lakes College will transfer courses that are not in the MnTC emphasis/goal area or comparable or equivalent to specific courses taught at Central Lakes College as electives.  


Part 4. Course Outlines. In order to facilitate the evaluation of courses for transfer credit as described in Part 3 of this policy, Central Lakes College shall post course outlines, as defined in MinnState Board Policy 3.22, for all courses on its institutional website. The links for current course outlines shall be submitted to the MinnState system office for publication on the MinnesotaTransfer.org website.  


Part 5. Official Repository of Course Equivalents. The Degree Audit and Reporting System (DARS) and Transferology (and successor databases) housed within the MinnState system office shall be the official repository of course equivalencies between system colleges and universities. Central Lakes College shall be responsible for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of course equivalencies listed for courses offered by Central Lakes College. A transfer course that is listed as equivalent to a course at Central Lakes College shall be accepted in transfer with no additional documentation required from the student.  


Part 6. Central Lakes College Transfer Policy. Central Lakes College shall implement a policy to address transfer of course credit consistent with the requirements of this policy and Procedure 3.21.1 Undergraduate Course Credit Transfer.  


Part 7. Disseminating Information. Central Lakes College shall publish its transfer policy and shall make information about credit transfer and course equivalencies, including links to MinnesotaTransfer.org and Transferology, readily available on its website.  


Part 8. Student Appeals. Central Lakes College shall establish a policy for student petition and appeal of credit transfer decisions. When providing students with a transfer evaluation, Central Lakes College shall also provide information about a student’s right to appeal, the appeal process, and links to Central Lakes College appeal policies. This information shall also be made available on each Central Lakes College website, course catalog and transfer-related publications.  


Date of policy creation: May 30th, 2015  

Author: Nick Heisserer, Director of Enrollment Services  

Date of implementation: July 1, 2015  

Revisions:  Nick Heisserer, July 1, 2016 



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