Career Placement Services

Career Placement Services

The purpose of the Career & Placement Services Department is to support and empower the Central Lakes College community with the resources, skills, and knowledge necessary to be successful with in career exploration, educational planning, job preparation and employment search.

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The Minnesota Career Information System (MCIS) allows students to research job descriptions, salary, job outlook, and educational requirements. (Please contact the Career & Placement Services Office for login information).

InterviewStream, is an innovative tool that allows students to practice and evaluate their interview techniques through online interactive video.

CLC Graduates report and update their employment or educational status on the Graduate Survey

CLC Placement Statistics show the related employment rate for graduates from the career and technical programs.

GPS LifePlan  Goals + Plans = Success.  Visit GPS to learn about careers, pick up some time management skills, create a budget, develop leadership skills, and identify ways to adjust to college!

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